day stays at vin view 

Canine-to-5 is our doggy daycare service, where dogs can come and play in a communal, interactive, group environment with other likeminded buddies.

Doggy daycare is available Monday to Friday, with drop offs between 8am–11am and pick ups between 3pm–5pm.

If your dog has not been a guest at Vin View Pet Lodge, we will need to have a chat with you first to get some information about your dog – such as their sociability, behavioural traits and any allergies or medications they might be on. 

Canine-to-5 also provides your dog with a great opportunity to get used to the kennel environment.

Food is not given to dogs during day play, however if your dog is a puppy and requires lunch, you may provide us with their food and we'll happily feed them.


1-day $15 per/dog. 

Payment is required at the time of drop off or pick up, unless you have made prior arrangements.


Your dog must be up to date with its vaccinations before it can stay at Vin View Pet Lodge. For the health of your dog and those already staying with us, if your dog’s vaccination is not up to date it will be unable to stay. 

You must bring your dogs vaccination booklet with you so that we can sight it. 

If you are unsure, check with your vet, they will be able to tell you when their vaccinations are due. 

Vaccinations required:


  1. Canine Cough or Kennel Cough (KC) – this must be renewed yearly. It covers your dog for a variety of virus that can cause flu like symptoms and coughing. Just like the human version of the flu vaccine, it does not stop your dog getting a cough, it reduces the risk of it catching a virus and the severity of the symptoms. Learn more about Canine Cough.​

  2. Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and parainfluenza – this vaccination is on a 2 yearly or 3 yearly cycle, depending on the vaccine your vet uses. Look for stickers in your vaccination booklet that say: DHP; DHPPi; Vanguard 5; Vanguard 5 Plus.

Important note: If your dog has been coughing in the week prior to coming into kennels you must let us know.  

​​​What does up to date mean?


An up to date vaccination is one that does not fall in the same month/s your dog is staying with us.  If your dog’s vaccination falls due in the same month/s they are staying with us it must be renewed prior to coming into kennels.

For example: Your dog is booked to stay from 22 Dec until 10 Jan. Its vaccination is due 23 Jan. It must be renewed prior to coming into kennels on the 22nd. 

Renewal timeframes:


If your dog’s vaccination is renewed in the month prior to its due date there is no stand down period before it can come into kennels. 

If your dogs vaccination is renewed on or after its due date the following stand down periods apply:

  1. Canine Cough or Kennel Cough – for the oral vaccine or the nasal spray, you dog will need to wait 3 days from the date of the vaccine. If your dog has the injectable vaccine they will need to wait 10 days before they can come into kennels.

  2. Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and parainfluenza – your dog will need to wait 10 days from the date of the vaccine before they are able to come into kennels.

​These stand down periods apply to ensure that your dog has built up its immunity sufficiently and that it does not pose a risk to other dogs. 

Puppies & vaccinations


Puppies require a series of vaccinations over a period of time to build up their immunity level to these diseases. They need a series of 3 vaccinations for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and parainfluenza, and they also need kennel cough. They must have had the last in the series of these vaccination no less that 10 days prior to coming into kennels.

Your vet will advise you of the timeframes in which the vaccinations are required. 


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