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Cat Accommodation

Our small boutique-style cattery is set in peaceful rural surroundings providing a relaxing environment, with music played during the day, lots of cuddles and toys for stimulation your cat will be safe and comfortable during its stay.

All the cat guests are housed individually, unless they have other cat buddies from the same family that like each other. We offer two types of accommodation, the Apartment and the Unit.  

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Each apartment has an indoor and semi-outdoor area with multi-level living and garden views. The inside of each has a cat tree providing access to two different levels for sleeping. The semi-outside area has different levels for extra-high viewing and space for lounging in the sun. 


Our units are open sided cat cages measuring 1.5 square metres. They suit sedentary cats, kittens and short  stays for cats who are not overly outgoing and adventurous. 

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Dry kibble is provided for cats to graze on during the day and night as they like. We provide Whiskas Meaty Selections, and a grain free option from Taste of the Wild, along with kitten kibble and hairball control for those long haired cats that need some help with digesting their fur balls. If you cat enjoys wet food, let us know and we can serve it up in the evenings. 

If your cat is on a special or prescription diet, we are happy for you to provide this and will feed accordingly.  


For the well being of all cats in our care it is essential that a current vaccination certificate has been issued by a qualified veterinarian. This must be brought with you when your cat is dropped off.

All cats are required to be vaccinated yearly against cat flu/snuffles and feline enteritis. Please ensure that you check the due date in your cats vaccination booklet. Cats who are overdue on their vaccinations, will be required to wait for 10 days after receiving the vaccine before they can come into the cattery. 

Kittens are required to have completed all their kitten vaccinations, and 10 days must have passed after the final vaccination before coming into the cattery. 

We recommend that you de-flea and worm your cat prior to boarding. If your cat has fleas upon arrival, a flea treatment will be administered and added to the boarding charges.  


Rates 2023

Apartment - 1 cat: $20 per day

Apartment - 2 cats sharing: $35 per day

Apartment - 3 cats sharing: $45 per day

Units: $15 per day 

A minimum 2 day charge applies to all bookings


Click here see our Terms and Conditions.

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