Our small boutique-style cattery is set in peaceful rural surroundings, providing a relaxing environment with music played during the day, cats get lots of attention during the day and are provided with toys for stimulation.

To ensure your cat stays safe there is a double-door system and meshed windows. All rooms and units are sprayed with a solution that while gentle on the environment, destroys diseases and bacteria before the next guest arrives.

All the cat guests are housed individually, unless they have other cat buddies from the same family that like each other. We offer two types of accommodation, the Apartment and the Unit.   


We have seven 7 x 1.5 metre north facing apartments with indoor/outdoor flow, multi-level living and garden views. They each provide not just a place to stay, but somewhere your moggy will be safe, comfortable and relaxed.

Inside each apartment is a reptile heat lamp, that keeps your cat feeling cosy on cold days or nights. It provides a defused heat that can be adjusted according to the outside temperature.

They are equipped with toys, a scratch post, and hidey holes to provide stimulation, and there are a variety of beds provide lots of snoozing options.

The Apartments all have garden views, with different levels for extra-high viewing and a space for lounging in the sunshine.

Up to three cats can be accommodated per Apartment.

Guest charges include all meals. There are no additional charges when food is provided  for cats on special or prescription diets.



Our units are a good option for cats who are sedentary and would prefer to spend their stay snoozing on the soft comfortable bed. At 1.5 square metres each with a sleeping cubby and viewing area, they are also suitable for small kittens.


Units are only suitable for one cat per unit.

Guest charges include feeding. There are no additional charges where food is provided by guardians for cats on special or prescription diets.



Premium dry kibble is fed ad-lib with wet food in the evenings.

If your cat is on a special or prescription diet, we are happy for you to provide this and will feed accordingly.  


For the wellbeing of all cats in our care it is essential that a current vaccination certificate has been issued by a qualified veterinarian. This must be brought with you when your cat is dropped off.

All cats are required to have Felocel CVRP for Calivirus, Rhinotrachritis for snuffles (cat flu) and Panleukopania for feline enteritis. New vaccinations or boosters need to have been administered no less than 10 days prior to boarding.

We recommend that you de-flea and worm your cat prior to boarding. If your cat has fleas upon arrival, a flea treatment will be administered and added to the boarding charges.  




Apartment charges vary depending on the number of cats being accommodated.

One cat is charged at $17 per day

Two cats $30 per day

Three cats $38 per day. 

Units are charged at $12.00 per day. 

Additional charges 

$2 per day for dispensing of any medication


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