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RABBITS & Guinea pigs

Rabbit & guinea Pig runs

Rabbits & guinea pigs are housed individually or in family groups, in a separate area away from the cattery and kennels. Each run is fully enclosed with a concrete floor, mesh walls and a partially covered over roof to ensure protection from the weather. 

Mini-houses with straw provide a hideaway spot along with an area where they can hop about, lay in the sun and listen to the birds in the surrounding trees. 


Premium dry guinea pig and/or rabbit food is fed ad-lib with a few fresh greens. Let us know what your rabbit or guinea pig likes.  

If your guinea pig or rabbit is on a special or prescription diet, we are happy for you to provide this and will feed accordingly.


Charges start on the day of drop off regardless of the time. If you collect before 10am you are not charged for departure day, pick ups in the afternoon will incur a full day charge

Charges from 01 January 2023:

  • $15 per day per run for 1 rabbit or guinea pig

  • $5 per day for each additional rabbit/guinea pig up to 3 per run

A minimum 2 day charge applies to all bookings


We recommend that your rabbit is vaccinated and encourage you to talk to

your vet to gain information on the current vaccination available. 


Click here see our standard Terms and Conditions.


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