Pet Lodge

Opening Hours


Monday to Friday 8am – 11am & 3 – 5pm (closed 11am – 3pm) 



Saturday morning 8am – 11am

Sunday afternoon 3 – 5pm

Closed Saturday afternoons & Sunday mornings

Closed (for drop off and pick ups)

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Easter Sunday 


when your pet's with us, we look after them with the same love, as if they were our own

Vin View Pet Lodge is tucked away in the countryside, surrounded by vineyards and trees, offering a peaceful setting. Our dog kennel and cattery accommodation provides all the home comforts that your pet could wish for, so you can relax on your holiday knowing that they are being well cared for.


Your cat/s will be spoilt in our small boutique style cattery. All our cats are accommodated individually as  we've found that when not in their home environment cats prefer their own company to that of other cats. Cats from the same family group however can be accommodated together in one of our apartments.


Our kennel is mainly designed as a communal style of accommodation, with 90% of our space for dogs who are social, comfortable at being around groups of other dogs and have good doggy manners.  In these areas your dog/s will get the opportunity to rest, play and meet new friends, as all our guest dogs are able to move freely between their indoor and outdoor areas.


If your dog prefers its own company or is more a people-orientated dog we do have a small area for individual accommodation, in our specially designed independent chalets. Not all dogs are suited to communal living so we make an assessment of the best suitable accommodation for your dog. 


We also accommodate a small number of rabbits and guinea pigs in individual runs with a concrete floor and a indoor/semi-outdoor area. Each run can hold up to 3 rabbits or guinea pigs, we do not mix different families together.


We sincerely look forward to welcoming your pets to our lodge, and invite you to come, take a look and say hello anytime we are open.


Kath & Andrew